Reaching a State of Grace

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Growing "//#valium_generic">valium generic Grace Giuletti enjoyed cooking, just like her mom. She mastered the art of specialty dishes, just like her mom. Now, she’s opened an eatery of her own. Just like her mom.

Last June Giuletti followed in her mother Maria Gigante’s footsteps by opening Gigante’s Too, a deli located at 817 Center Street in Wallingford. The new business is patterned after Gigante’s Deli, a family operation on Route 63. Maria and husband Antonio Gigante — Giuletti’s father — opened the parent deli 40 years ago.

“It’s my comfort zone,” says Giuletti about why she chose to open a deli when venturing into business on her own. “I helped my mother. I made the homemade ravioli for Sunday dinner. I started at [age] four or five. By the time I was 12 I was making it on my "site//#order_">order . " /files//#valium_generic">valium generic was my ritual.”

While her parentsÂ’ deli is focused around Italian dishes, GiulettiÂ’s offerings are more diverse.

“Today we have a little more variety,” she says. “For example, we have Mexican — a Southwestern wrap — and grilled chicken. We’re taking the old with the new and kind of mixing the two together.” Giuletti nevertheless asserts that she hasn’t abandoned the Italian tastes she grew up with. Far from it.

“Zitis, meatballs, chicken — those are my biggest sellers,” she says. “I also have my own homemade soups every day. I’m a grocery-deli. I have a little bit of everything.”

Giuletti says didnÂ’t think twice about starting another kind of business.

“The people — the people and the food,” Giuletti says of the aspects of her work she enjoys the most. “I love food, I love to eat. But definitely the people. I also like being very busy. I do enjoy that very much, and learning new things.”

While Giuletti already had the culinary skills, she also needed to focus on other aspects of starting a business such as hiring a staff and maintaining the books.

Giuletti’s staff consists of “a couple of moms” who work in the morning and up to four local high school students who help out in the afternoon. Continuing with tradition, the business is squarely family-oriented, however. One of " /">buy valium brothers functions as her accountant.

“There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes [work] that you don’t know about,” says Giuletti, who enjoys the food preparation aspect of her business much more than crunching numbers.

“That’s not my favorite part, bookwork,” she says, adding, “It’s definitely easier with a family member [handling bookkeeping duties].”

Still, family businesses are not immune to the recession, Giuletti says.

“I think today you’re going to have a difficult time, no matter what,” she says. “I feel that it is more difficult today.”

One variable that made GiulettiÂ’s business easier to start was finding a good location.

“Finding the right location that’s right for you” makes starting a business easier, she says. “Just don’t give up.”


— Felicia Hunter

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