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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

(1888PressRelease)  Gold is a true asset; it has no liabilities and retains its value in times of economic uncertainty.


MIAMI, FL - There are many reasons for the prudent investor to purchase gold bullion. Not only is gold the preferred choice as an inflation-proof investment but it can be considered a true asset. Unlike real estate that, even if it is unencumbered by a mortgage, still engenders expenses in upkeep and maintenance, gold bullion has no related expenses, excepting perhaps a small storage fee if it is kept in a repository. Banks may also consider your car and savings deposits as assets but cars depreciate alarmingly and savings accounts are only as good as the bank holding them or the government backing the currency. Gold does not depreciate and does not rely on any government's financial health to retain its value. There are no liabilities connected with holding an investment in gold bullion.


Fiat currencies, as mentioned above, are unreliable. Throughout history no country's currency has survived forever. All currencies come to an end - eventually. Concerns over debt crises, both in the US and Europe, make fiat currencies particularly unattractive at present.


Gold is an investment that has stood the test of time; it has an intrinsic value as a precious metal, having been used in jewelry and artifacts dating back to 4000 years BC.


"Precious metals bullion is a unique financial instrument," says Bill Hionas of Pan American Metals of Miami. "Investors are not purchasing the right to buy or sell (such as grains futures), guessing on a price (equities options), or depending on the health of a company (listed stocks). Rather, they are purchasing a true physical holding in a precious metal."

Pan American Metals of Miami offers investors both fully-funded and leveraged positions in gold.


About us:

Pan American Metals of Miami, LLC is a group of traders, investors and brokers who combine many years of experience to help clients invest in bullion. PAMM provides an individual investment service and is based in Miami, Florida for convenient access to both North and South American investors.




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Pan American Metals of Miami, LLC

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