Internet Marketer Takes The 50 Day Video Marketing Challenge - Build $10,000 In New Monthly Revenue In Just 50 Days Using Video Send
Thursday, January 27, 2011

(1888PressRelease) Jerry Spangler, Elite Certified Marketer with Carbon Copy Pro, begins a 50 Day Challenge to build a new revenue stream with the internet and video In just 50 days, with very inexpensive marketing tools, Spangler claims to be able to grow an additional monthly revenue stream of $10,000.


Since starting his Internet marketing career with Carbon Copy Pro less than a year ago, Jerry Spangler aligned himself with the top producing team, Loyal 9 Revolution, and has left his 10-year career in financial services to pursue this newest endeavor full time. As an Internet marketer and business coach, Jerry assists serious entrepreneurs to build profitable online businesses.


His latest campaign is the 50-Day Video Marketing Challenge. He will create and upload one video each day for the next 50 days in an effort to prove that anyone can build a profitable online business regardless of budget or background. That's where the challenge comes in.


This consistent video marketing effort is to build a new revenue stream of $10,000 a month as a result of the traffic generated using this one marketing tool. Making a video is free, uploading to Youtube is free, but he will also use what he calls "cheap" syndication tools in combination to maximize his traffic.


Jerry told us, "It costs less than $150.00 to purchase a small HD video camera these days, and the tripod it sits on runs only about $15.00. Once that investment is made, you are off to the races creating videos because most PC's and Mac's come already loaded with a simple video-editing program. He continued to share that the videos don't have to be perfect, or professional. "The marketer simply needs to provide some content, be themselves to create a following of viewers. The only variable is the length of time it takes to generate traffic."


By using a few free, and in expensive syndication tools for maximum exposure, this challenge will prove his point - AND generate a nice stream of income to boot. When Jerry was asked, "Will it really work?," He replied, "You will just have to stay tuned to find out!" You can find him on his Youtube channel to follow this series of videos and check his progress at We certainly will be checking in on his progress throughout this challenge, and can hardly wait to see the results.


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