The IL Bridge Fund 'Bridge Loan Programs' Provide Funding Options for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs Encouraged by Rise in Consumer Confidence Send
Thursday, January 27, 2011

(1888PressRelease) The January rise in Consumer Confidence is good news, but traditional lenders are still making it difficult to access loans. The IL Bridge Fund of Cincinnati, Ohio recommends considering "Bridge Loans" to fill the funding gap until more permanent funding can be accessed.

Companies and Real Estate Investors needing an infusion of cash quickly should look at "Bridge Loans" for a funding option in today's economic environment.

"It's great news about the Consumer Confidence Index rising in January, 2011," says Angelo Sferrazza, President, The IL Bridge Fund, Cincinnati, Ohio, "but entrepreneurs still need funding help to get the economy back on track and create jobs. When you consider the flip side, the financial news isn't so positive due to a lack of traditional funding alternatives for investors wanting to start or expand a business or invest in real estate. Clearly, Entrepreneurs have not lost their desire to create business opportunities, but they have little or no resources to fund them. Institutional credit is still behind the curve in lending money to emerging businesses regardless of the market demand for products and services."

"This is why the 'Bridge Lending Programs' were developed," says Mr. Sferrazza, "to supply 'short-term' financing for those businesses who need more timely funding, and access to financial educational mentoring when needed." 'Bridge Funding' can be offered to all types of business and real estate opportunities, from businesses, to franchises to property redevelopment. The Financial Professions at The IL Bridge Fund can help entrepreneurs determine if a 'Bridge Lending Program' is the best option for their situation. They can also help them locate the funding needed to go along with the positive economic outlook as evidenced by the recent Consumer Index Report.

A 'Bridge Loan" from The IL Bridge Fund llc provides an alternative to traditional funding options because of the criteria used to evaluate the funding need. The focus can be on 'Good Deals' not credit scores or traditional lending criteria as a deciding factor. A "Bridge Loan" differs from traditional lending in three ways:

• Short-term capital to 'bridge' the gap to more permanent funding;
• Lender secured funding with asset-based collateral;
• Ability to convert to monthly funding to extend loan.

This approach to funding provides the time needed for companies to secure more permanent funding from an institution, or investment organization.

The IL Bridge Fund llc was created by Angelo Sferrazza in 2009. The IL Bridge Fund llc, an Ohio Limited Liability Company located in Cincinnati, Ohio, is the funding source for Mid-market Emerging and Existing Companies and Real Estate Investors that have valuable marketable assets that can be used to secure an initial bridge loan (short-term). This approach to funding provides the time needed for companies to secure more permanent funding from an institution, or investment organization. The IL Bridge Fund has funded millions of dollars in transactions to date.

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