David Blair, QuadCap Wealth Management, and Bond Ladders III Send
Friday, August 05, 2011

(1888PressRelease) David Blair and QuadCap Wealth Management explain the benefits of Bond Ladders (Third Part)


Dallas, TX - Why Use a Ladder?

It's a Strategy for All Interest Rate Environments. Since a bond ladder enables you to reinvest your assets periodically over time, your portfolio will be less affected by interest rate volatility. This concept is similar to dollar cost averaging in stocks. As bonds come due, you are able to reinvest your principal into bonds of intermediate or longer term maturities, where the yields are higher.


We started QuadCap Wealth Management, LLC to focus on a highly personalized comprehensive counseling program that is driven by dedicated personal service. Our firm provides in depth comprehensive financial counseling that covers all areas of your financial affairs, such as employee benefits planning, tax planning and preparation, asset allocation strategies, estate planning and wealth transfer strategies, as well as risk mitigation strategies.






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