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Saturday, August 06, 2011

(1888PressRelease) Online recruitment is on the rise; Recruitleads give their reaction.


According to research from nationwide recruitment website Monster, UK recruitment is being increasingly initially conducted online. Figures from the Office of National Statistics also indicate unemployment is beginning to fall, with some 376,000 candidates entering a new job in the last year alone. Expansion in the jobs market comes against a backdrop of more and more recruiters placing online technology high on their agenda.


From an employer's point of view, online recruitment has a reputation for providing value for money over more traditional methods. However, this ROI can now only be realised by recruitment firms working with suitable systems. Industry association the Recruitment and Employment Consortium has recently advised its members that they should "stay focused on its core values and professionalism despite the increasing numbers of new innovations in recruitment technology". One steadily emerging issue is how to effectively process the sheer volume of online data about both candidates and companies looking to recruit.


Candidates can typically post a full resume onto a recruitment website, with a facility to allow potential employers to search for particular attributes. Although the process sounds simply in theory, the increasing sophistication found within these applications can become a major issue. The necessary administration time can be the hurdle for recruitment firms looking to deliver a rapid, high quality and cost effective service.


"Over time, the process has inevitably become more complex, as the industry has kept pace with the latest technology. It can become more time consuming for staff within recruitment firms, which is essentially counterproductive. Ideally, the process should be as efficient as possible, from candidate search through to onboarding itself. If staff are finding it difficult to effectively follow the jobs market despite the available technology, the solution is software that will do it for them," said a spokesman from Recruitleads human resources software firm.

Another major challenge for recruitment firms is to continually generate productive online leads. Staff must search for, identify and work with suitable vacancies and again the sheer volume of data available can be the barrier. If their search methodology is inadequate or timne consuming versus the data volume, the result is inevitably a low 'ROI' considering the time invested. Thousands of sites in the UK alone now allow candidates to post their CV online in a matter of minutes. That number is inevitably increased exponentially when considering executives for multinational companies.


"Generating sales leads is vital within HR, and these days there is of course far too much data to manually process. We advise clients to work with particular software solutions matched to their business activities. You can quickly and efficiently follow who is recruiting - and the level of available skills - at any given time within the market. You then need to be able to quickly process that data into a workable format to plan your operations. Honing in on a particular skill set means you can further monitor the market and understand your competition on a day by day, week by week basis. You can efficiently monitor your existing client base to identify a repeated need for the same candidates. This should allow you to significantly raise your onboarding rates,"


Recruitment firms can use the software free of charge with a no obligation 14 day trial at



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