CT Green Business Awards

CT Green Business Awards

We Have Met The Solution and It Is Us

We Have Met The Solution and It Is Us

"http:// /blog//#ativan_online">For those that would worry about the " /#cheap_valium">cheap valium and our ability to solve our pressing environmental problems we offer you proof that your friends and colleagues across Connecticut are finding solutions large and small.

Hanna Cook in Deep River is helping students recycle books, saving them money, while marshalling natural resources.
The engineers at Optwind in Torrington are preparing to harvest wind power in places where it is needed but hard to get at.

"http://grenoble-airport.com/oo/buyxanaxonline/">[Link to Digital copy of CT Green Business Awards]
The construction professionals from the Connecticut Green Building Council and companies, like Fusco, Pat Munger, BL and PDS are demonstrating a state wide effort to build in Connecticut some "http://grenoble-airport.com/oo/buyxanaxonline//#visit_us">visit us the most energy efficient and environmentally sound buildings. "http://www.lanepl.org/lib//#_generic"> generic.

Harry Ruppenicker says’s simply ‘If you have something thatÂ’s bad, get rid of it.”
Read Harry’s story he’s been around look enough in the Nutmeg State for us to believe him when he says,  “the technology is coming ahead; it’s giving you the answers, and giving companies better ways of doing things and achieving results.”
In the pages ahead you will find imagination, innovation and for us an amazing amount of inspiration.

In 1971 Walt Kelly the author of the Pogo comic strip alerted us on Earth Day that we held the solution to environmental problems. No movie, nor book, or study was more effective than Pogo looking out at his tattered and disturbed world with his friends and declaring:  “we have met the enemy and he is us”.

It has taken a while to be sure, and not all of us are presenting solutions and passion like those we recognize here – but theygive us confidence that solutions abound on all fronts.

In this yearsÂ’s CT Green Business Awards, youÂ’ll see personal solutions, technological prowess and cooperative actions.

We invite you to read the stories and then join us on June 5th  at the Carousel at Light House Point Park in New Haven, to celebrate and recognize their efforts. "http://gp.org/site//#visit_us">visit us more information go to www. "http://traclabs.com/psd/buy//#there">there.com/green.html.

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CT Green Business Awards

Overall Achievement: Quinnipiac University

Overall Achievement: Quinnipiac University
275 Mount Carmel Avenue
Hamden, CT 06518-1908
www. "http://www.moral/buyonline//#visit_us">visit us.edu
Employees 1,070, Students 8,350

Bobcats Adopt Full Court Press

Mission: “Quinnipiac University is committed to the environment. " click here University is engaged in a far-reaching campaign to go green, with fresh initiatives underway across all three campuses.

With an organization and facilities as large as Quinnipiac University the opportunity to make a significant impact on the environment and on awareness for thousands of people becomes possible, some would say necessary.
Quinnipiac University has taken up that challenge with a broad array of efforts large and small across its three campuses in Hamden and North Haven, "/books/buyxanaxonline//#xanax_online">.
The Mount Carmel Campus is a magnificent setting at the foot of Sleepy Giant State Park which by force of " "> integrates the campus into the natural environment. The new campus at the top of York Hill, “Rocky Top” with sweeping vistas overlooking the region sets a further stage for the University to address the needs of the environment. "http://mushing.com/site/">
CT Green Business Awards

GREEN BUILDING: Mary Hooker Environmental Sciences Magnet School

GREEN BUILDING: Mary Hooker Environmental Sciences Magnet School

200 Sherbrooke Street, Hartford


Peter Dart, principal

21 teachers, 275 students


Living What They Learn

Green mission: ‘A community of students, staff, parents and partners who are provided with opportunities to acquire a lifelong desire for learning and achievement,  and embrace the values of respect, cooperation, and responsible citizenship in their roles as contributing members of a complex society in a fragile environment. " ">visit us.

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CT Green Business Awards

GEOTHERMAL SITE/COMPANY: A&B Cooling & Heating Corp.

GEOTHERMAL SITE/COMPANY: A&B Cooling & Heating Corp.

660 Nutmeg "http://www.ninecakes.com/media/buyonline/"> No., South Windsor


Guy Wanegar, principal

11 employees


Green From the Ground Up

Green mission: ‘People are fed up with oil prices that are so volatile, you never know what you’re paying the next time you get a tank of oil. And the fact that you don’t have "http:// /blog/" burn a fossil fuel in your house is very attractive from the perspective of the environment and for indoor air quality.’


A&B Cooling & HeatingÂ’s Guy Wanegar has been installing HVAC systems since 1973.

But after some time of installing traditional fuel-based systems, he was inspired by a seminar he attended in the mid-1990s on the use of geothermal systems.

“It made perfect sense that instead of burning fuels to heat the house, we transfer "http://traclabs.com/psd/buy/"> from the ground to the house,” Wanegar explains. “It seemed like a smarter thing to do.”

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