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UConn Admin Costs Top List

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STORRS — The University of Connecticut spends more on administration than the 71 other public research universities nationwide, a review of U.S. Department of Education data by the Wall Street Journal has found.

Of the $49,739 UConn spent on each student during the 2010-11 academic year, $8,493 went to pay for non-classroom administrative costs. These costs comprise 17 percent of the university's budget.

UConn's overall administrative staffing levels also drew the attention of Bloomberg News in a recent story on administrative "bloat." The U.S. Department of Education reports that in the fall of 2011, the university employed 289 full-time executive/administrative/managerial employees. Additionally, there were 830 full-time staff classified as "clerical and secretarial."

A UConn spokesperson said the percentage of overall spending going to cover administrative costs is actually lower that the 17 percent the college reported to the federal education department because it includes UConn Health Center spending. The health center includes a teaching hospital.

Not including the health center, 13 percent of the university's budget, or $4,820 per student, is spent on administrative costs, according to UConn.