Higher Education - Year 2

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Year 2 for UNH Biz-Plan Contest


WEST HAVEN — For the second year running, the University of New Haven’s College of Business is challenging prospective high school students to create an online business plan for a chance to earn a full, four-year tuition scholarship to the university worth more than $120,000.


The UNH Scholarship Challenge requires prospective students — who must be accepted to the College of Business as a freshman for fall 2013 — to design a Facebook page for a business idea they have developed and submit a three-page business plan. As part of the project, they will have to define what the company is, what it does, why it is unique, why it is needed, who the competition might be and how it will be positioned to achieve and sustain long-term success.


Up to four entrants will earn four-year tuition scholarships, and 20 second-place winners will be awarded iPads.


“We’re looking to discover and nurture students who have the potential to become future leaders in the business world, as many UNH College of Business alumni already have done,” said business school Dean Elizabeth Davis. “The Scholarship Challenge competition seeks students who have a passion for entrepreneurship, which the college emphasizes.”


To enter, prospective students must first visit the Scholarship Challenge Facebook page at facebook.com/COBchallenge. A brief overview of the contest can be found along with full contest rules, as well as the process for submitting an application.


The scholarships will cover tuition for four years provided the student maintains satisfactory academic progress. Submissions will be accepted between January 15 and March 15. Entries will not be considered unless the applicant already has been admitted to UNH. Winners will be "http://sbcselpa.org/media//#visit_us">visit us on March 26.

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