Screen Shot 2017 06 21 at 12.59.31 PMBy Mitchell Young

Shares of Alexion stock have taken off after being pummeled by concerns about executive turnover at the company and reports of “aggressive sales practices." The C-Suite changes were initiated by new CEO Ludwig Hantson.

The stock was trading at $96.95 as recently as May 26, down from a 52 week high of $145.

On June 14, after the announcement, filling the last of the company’s major management slots, with the hiring of Paul Clancy the day before, as the new CFO. [Clancy was previously with Biogen of Cambridge, MA, see New CFO and A Possible Looming Write Off - Help Boost Alexion Stock ] the stock made a 9% plus gain.

On June 14, Hantson purchased $1.16 million of the stock in the open market at approximately $116 per share. He was joined by Alexion board members Christopher Couglin who picked up $230,000 of shares and Alvin Parven who purchased $100,000 worth, both at around $116 per share as well.

The New Haven Register was still questioning the ethics and viability of the company on the 14th, with a former New Haven Advocate editor and Yale University lecturer John Stoeher penning a "corporate citizenship" screed and citing boutique stock analyst, New Constructs of Brentwood TN., investment call on the stock, of “dangerous.”  Another Register report on the new CFOreached out to professor emeritus, David Cadden, from Quinnipiac University’s School of Business on the Clancy hiring saying, “I would imagine they are offering him a tremendous financial package that is guaranteed regardless whether the company succeeds or fails.”

For additional insight on Clancy’s interest in joining the company see [ New CEO…] in the above linked story as well.

The glum analyses apparently didn’t hold back one of the company’s largest investors from adding to its holdings. We first reported that Baker Brothers Advisors a New York City based hedge fund that invests in life sciences companies and a significant investor in Alexion added another $7.8 million to its more than $750 million already invested on June 14th as well.

More insiider buying information is now available and it shows that Baker Brothers purchased more than $230 million dollars in stock in the last few days, at prices ranging from $114 ro to $117 per share.

This writer suggested on June 1, “make some money, buy their stock, before the second quarter results come in.”  Alexion is currently selling at $121.75 up $26 per share since the May drop.