Screen Shot 2018 09 25 at 2.19.03 PMTRUMBULL: The indoor recreation industry in Connecticut continues to build out with a new baseball and softball training facility at 30 Nutmeg Drive.

D-BAT Trumbull is scheduled to open in late fall in a 20,487 square foot space in a former warehouse space. There are 76 locations nationally and the Trumbull franchise is the first D-BAT facility in the state and will be managed by Lou Bunosso.

D-BAT will offer batting cages, lessons, camps and clinics, and a shop to purchase baseball and softball equipment and apparel. The business will also offer membership packages that will reduce the cost of lessons, camps and shop purchases.

Ken gronbachBy Ken Gronbach

KCG Direct LLC, Haddam

I remember asking a room full of chief marketing officers, in the hospitality industry, how many people were in their respective markets? No one knew. I asked them if the number of people in their markets was growing or shrinking? I got blank stares. You have to be kidding. The most important question in marketing is: How big is my market and is it getting bigger or smaller? Everything else is window dressing.

I am sure you have heard the metaphors about shrinking pie and expanding pie markets. Shrinking pie markets are death. Yes, you can work real hard at being predatory with market share, taking a bigger piece of the shrinking pie. But this almost never works and it is very difficult. Expanding pie markets on the other hand are very forgiving.

Denali's new location in Providence was designed by New Haven Architects Pirie Associates.
 denali1 piri

GUILFORD: Denali, the region’s homegrown outdoors retailer headquartered in Guilford is expanding again, opening its sixth store, in Providence, RI.

The Denali chain was ounded by the owners of Trailblazer a New Haven “outdoor” retailer located on Broadway, on the Yale Campus for more than two decades.

The first Denali was also located on Broadway but was folded into the Trailblazer store, when the company decided to open a Patagonia retailer in the Denali space.

The Broadway Trailblazer was closed this spring and a Trailblazer at the Mohegan Sun was rebranded to Denali.