Sally's Apizza founder Sal Consiglio [1978]

NEW HAVEN: One of New Haven’s most famed pizza restaurants, Sally's Apizza and keystone in New Haven being the Pizza Capital of the world has been purchased after 80 years owned by the Consiglio family.

In what might be described as typical Sally’s customer service, the buyer’s name was not released.

Upon the death of Flo Consiglio, the wife of Sally’s founder Salvatore “Sally” Consiglio, the family decided to put the business up for sale.

After a long an bitter lawsuit over an offer for sale of the restaurant, a Connecticut Appellate Court allowed last March that the Consiglio family did not execute an agreement to sell t a group run by local bidder, Carmine Capasso.

The amount reported was that Capasso $3,133,000 offered and submitted a check, but the family did not sign the agreement and returned the check.

It was also reported that the even more famous Pepe’s Pizza and long term rival had also made a $3 million plus bid as well.

Capasso’s original buying group ironically included the family’s current attorney Hugh Keefe but the group broke up in part over the decision to sue the family to force the sale.

While the new owners have not been revealed yet, the Keefe said, the Consiglio family will continue to manage the restaurant.