Mark OBrienSOUTH WINDSOR: O’Brien Communications Group [OCG], a B2B brand-management and marketing-communication firm, signed Finys of Troy, MI, a provider of software and services to the property/casualty insurance industry, to a full-service engagement.

OCG will provide to Finys strategic consultation and planning for all of its brand-positioning and marketing efforts; all requisite creative and program-development activities; and all tactical program implementation and execution activities.

“Finys is the kind of company we love to work with,” said Mark O’Brien, founder and Principal of OCG. “The people are sincerely committed to what they do and to serving their customers. The product is a largely undiscovered diamond in the rough. And the genesis of the company and the product constitute a great story. All we have to do is tell it.”

OCG will revise and enhance the content of the Finys website. It will create a new system of collateral materials. It will create more authoritative content for the Finys blog and share that content more broadly in social media and other channels. And it will work with Finys to more closely align its marketing and sales activities.

“Timing is everything,” said Scott Hinz, Director of Sales at Finys. “Now that we’ve implemented the Suite in a number of prestigious insurers, we want to be getting the word out more consistently and prominently. So, this was the perfect time to enlist OCG’s help in doing that.”