ticketsHARTFORD: Two Connecticut ticket sales company, TicketNetwork and Ticket Galaxy have filed lawsuits against acting New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood.

The company’s are asking for a declaratory judgement against New York, claiming its actions as a “deeply flawed interpretation of New York State Law.”

The filings request that the court issue a declaratory judgement regarding the lawful sale of tickets not yet in the seller’s possession.

New York is challenging the practice by the ticket sellers of selling tickets prior to taking ownership of them, saying that consumers are “defrauded” by the practice thinking that the companies already own the tickets.

The practice which the companies call ‘drop shipping” is legal in New York according to the lawsuit. Additionally they claim that New York allows this practice broadly and that companies such as Amazon and Ebay utilize the practice as well.

The companies acquire the tickets after the sale is made and then deliver the product to the customers. New York does not allege that the companies do not provide the tickets.

The companies say, “ticket resale prior to ownership of the ticket is specifically legal in the state of New York.”