New Haven Public Schools kicked off the American College Application Campaign, a national effort to increase the numbers of first-generation and low-income students who want to pursue a college degree or any form of higher education. 

The campaign aims to serve high school seniors who need assistance navigating the college admissions process and to make sure they apply to more than one post-secondary institution.

The campaign started on Oct. 19 and will continue until Dec. 15 with various events and workshops at New Haven High Schools.

As part of the program’s promotion, the District teamed up with New Haven Promise, which served the dual purpose of ensuring seniors made their individual “Student Success Plan” goals.

In 2015, the campaign resulted in about 2,600 college applications submitted across New Haven’s high schools. This year, all nine high schools in the New Haven area will be participating in the campaign to increase the number of student applications to colleges, universities and training programs.