face sad 512FAIRFIELD: A new survey reports what most Connecticut residents feel about the state of the state.

Sacred Heart University’s Institute for Public Policy poll reports that, “residents were looking for a resolution to the state’s fiscal crisis, the bipartisan budget the state legislature passed last October did little to alleviate their concerns. And cuts to education funding further exacerbated concerns about future growth.”

The statewide public policy poll was conducted in early January, and also covered quality-of-life issues, the high cost of energy and taxes and the state’s general direction.

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gatewayHundreds of positions at Connecticut’s 12 community colleges will be shed, more administrative functions will be handled at a central office and millions will be saved without impacting students’ education.

That’s the plan at least.

But that plan – dubbed “Students First” by its architect, Board of Regents President Mark Ojakian – has plenty of both believers and nonbelievers.

Much of the pushback comes from those who work for the colleges and don’t believe the benefits promised can be realized without harming education at the community colleges, which serve over two-thirds of the minority students in undergraduate programs in Connecticut. Business groups, however, are backing the shakeup and are confident it will not disrupt the pipeline of graduates businesses rely on.

olianHAMDEN: Judy D. Olian has been appointed the ninth president of Quinnipiac University. Olian, is dean and John E. Anderson Chair of Management at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, she will succeed John L. Lahey as president on July 1.

Olian in her remarks at the announcement on January 29 indicated that she has grown up in several locations around the world. She is a native of Austraila, and went to Hebrew University of Jerusalem and received her Masters of Science and earned her PhD. In Industrial Relations and Human Resource management at the University of Wisconsin.