The federal tax overhaul may have triggered an automatic state tax break that would allow parents to avoid paying state taxes on some of the money they put aside to send their children to private K-12 schools.

The new tax break would be an expansion of the tax break provided when parents save for college.


The state currently allows parents to avoid paying state income taxes on up to $10,000 each year that they put into a college savings account. In addition they do not have to pay taxes on the money when it is withdrawn to pay for college. These accounts, known as 529s, also are eligible for a less generous federal tax benefit. Parents and relatives can put after-tax money into these accounts and earn investment returns tax free.

The new federal tax law now allows parents to use the existing program to help pay for private K-12 tuition.

vanossHAMDEN: Vincent Van Oss of North Haven has been appointed Director of Marketing for Quinnipiac University Online. The University offers a range of online bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees and certificate programs, as well as undergraduate courses.

According to the college Van Oss is responsible for implementing the strategic planning, coordination and management of all marketing efforts for the university’s online and corporate training programs. Quinnipiac currently offers 17 online undergraduate and graduate programs through its School of Business, School of Communications, School of Education, School of Health Sciences and School of Nursing.

commons at schwarzman ctr yaleNEW HAVEN: The $150 million donation from Blackstone co-founder and Yale alumnus, Stephen A. Schwarzman, to create a “world-class” campus center by renovating the historic Commons and Memorial Hall is generating an online auction of the existing furniture and fixtures.

The Schwarzman Center is expected to be completed in 2020 to provide a central location for students to meet, eat, and view performing arts.

The Univesrity is auctioning off furniture, fixtures, appliances, and kitchen equipment from the first two floors of the building, through two online auctions at