jobsHARTFORD: The national economy may be getting better and there is a President Elect promise to make things great but here in the Nutmeg state job losses continue to be racked up.

Connecticut Business & Industry Association’s [CBIA] chief economist Peter Gioia said “The numbers speak for themselves,” Connecticut has lost 14,900 jobs since June.

It’s the fourth consecutive month of job losses, 7,200 jobs were lost in October and in September 6,600.

Goia, had some good news “construction and mining, manufacturing, and financial services — all core industries here in Connecticut — added jobs. But there’s nothing you can sugarcoat when we’re down to only 3,000 jobs year over year added in the state.”

Connecticut is faring more poorly than any other New England state having recovered only 69% of the jobs lost during the “Great Recession.”

Massachusetts was selected as the best economy in the US by Governing Magazine and it leads New England with significant jobs gains 301% of pre-recession jobs. Maine, like Connecticut hasn’t recovered fully at 75% of pre – recession jobs.

The United States, on average, has recovered the lost jobs with a 176% of pre-recession levels.