subway wenkoffMILFORD: The world’s largest restaurant chain has more than 44,000.  The company is launching a new digital group at its Milford headquarters.

The move will create a 150 new  jobs combining IT and marketing in  what the copany calls a “digital omnichannel transformation”

In a report by the website TechRepublic has hired the Manhattan, New York based business consulting group Accenture.

Carman Wenkoff, Subway’s CIO and chief digital officer told Techrepublic

“We’ll be recruiting for all these positions now. We literally have 150 positions that are open and what we’re doing is because we’re also realistic about our timeline and relocating people, we’re not going to rush it.”

The positions will be in data analytics, software development, user interface design, graphic arts, campaign management to support its digital marketing efforts.

Subway’s 2014 advertising budget was reported to be more than $500 million annually.