WALLINGFORD — HealthyCT is accepting nominations for its inaugural board of directors. Nominees must meet basic eligibility requirements. These include being at least 18 years old; passing a background check; not currently a federal, state or local government office-holder; and not have served as a board member for another insurance carrier for the past five years.

“This election is at the heart of what HealthyCT is all about and what makes us different from every other health insurance company in Connecticut,” says HealthyCT CEO Ken Lalime. “As a co-op, we are member-governed. That governance is through our board of directors so the individuals who come forward and are elected will help determine the direction this company takes.”

HealthyCT is the state’s nonprofit, consumer-operated and consumer-oriented health insurance co-op, mandated by ObamaCare. A minimum of six voting board members will be policyholders.