EAST HARTFORD — In a visit to Goodwin College last month, Vice President Joseph Biden emphasized the importance of community colleges for job training, and the need for educational institutions to take into account business and industry needs when designing curricula. “[H]ere’s the deal. Your children all heard the phrase ‘outsourcing.’ Your grandchildren are going to hear the phrase ‘insourcing.’ Manufacturing is coming back to the United States of America,” Biden is quoted as saying in a White House release. However, Biden continued, available jobs will be different from the ones with which most workers have been familiar. “What’s coming back requires different skills than before,” he said. In preparation for current and future demand, Goodwin College added a manufacturing track to a curriculum that had been focused largely on career training in the medical fields. This year students can pursue an associate degree in supply chain and logistics management and in quality management systems. They can also earn a certificate in machining and in manufacturing and production. Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, who headed the Connecticut contingent accompanying Biden, said Connecticut’s manufacturing sector will expand to the point where it will need to hire 2,200 workers annually for some time in the near future.