bms buildingWALLINGFORD: Bristol-Myers Squibb Company has changed direction and will no longer relocate 500 employees to a new location in Connecticut. BMS announced previously its intention to close its 1 million square feet Wallingford research center and to relocate the 500 

employees elsewhere in Connecticut.

The change in plans is part of a wider move to consolidate operations in Hopewell, New Jersey and Seattle, Washington.

BMS will distribute those jobs across other facilities and is adding to its Lawrenceville, New Jersey campus and expand its Devens, Massachusetts facility. None of the jobs will remain in Connecticut.

jobsHARTFORD: The national economy may be getting better and there is a President Elect promise to make things great but here in the Nutmeg state job losses continue to be racked up.

Connecticut Business & Industry Association’s [CBIA] chief economist Peter Gioia said “The numbers speak for themselves,” Connecticut has lost 14,900 jobs since June.

It’s the fourth consecutive month of job losses, 7,200 jobs were lost in October and in September 6,600.

Goia, had some good news “construction and mining, manufacturing, and financial services — all core industries here in Connecticut — added jobs. But there’s nothing you can sugarcoat when we’re down to only 3,000 jobs year over year added in the state.”

15HARTFORD: Connecticut’s minimum wage is set to increase to $10.10 on January 1st 2017. That increase didn’t phase the Connecticut Low Wage Employer Advisory Board which recently called for a $15 minimum wage in Connecticut.

McGuinness 1 copyWATERFORD: Captain Joe McGuinness, owner of Sea Tow Eastern Connecticut since 2000, accepted the 2016 Sea Tow Foundation Hero Award, presented by Sea Tow Services International, Inc, a leading professional on-water assistance provider and Sea Tow Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to promoting boating safety and education.

employment magnifying glassHARTFORD: They’re calling it “OpenConnecticut,” an online and “up to date’ website to access payroll information from all Connecticut state employees. 

Launched by the State Comptroller Kevin Lembo’s office it includes all salaries for state employees including from state universities and colleges. 

Salary information had been available at a website managed by the Legislature’s Office of Fiscal Analysis, but it was only updated annually and according to the comptroller’s office often out of date. The payroll information at is and

Third Consecutive Annual Drop in Workman’s Comp

Connecticut is known for its excellent quality of life and its high cost of doing business, but for the third year in a row, the worker’s compensation insurance rates in the state have declined. Connecticut Insurance CommissionerKatharine L. Wade recently announced that the state’s worker’s compensation rate would go down by 10.9%.

millenial workersAccording to staffing firm Robert Half Technology, distracted workers get particularly distracted by holiday shopping—during work hours. The firm conducted a survey of employees and chief information officers about online shopping habits during the work day. According to CIOs surveyed, a whopping 65% of businesses allow some form of online shopping during the work day and 49% of employees fessed up to online shopping from work on Cyber Monday (but potentially every Monday). Why, you ask? 43% of survey respondents said they shopped out of boredom. Then again, at least 33% of surveyed CIOs said they blocked shopping sites on office computers and 17% of employees say they shop on their smartphones.