solarSPRAGUE:– Greenskies Renewable Energy will be building a 150-kilowatt (DC) solar photovoltaic (PV) system at the Sprague Waste Water Treatment Plant in Baltic.

The ground-mounted solar system will produce 131 megawatt hours (MWh) of electric power annually. The company’s release says that energy will be used to offset about “90% of the treatment plant’s current power needs.”

Under the 20-year power purchase agreement, or PPA, between Greenskies and the town’s Water and Sewer Authority, Greenskies will design, engineer, finance, construct and maintain the solar array, at no cost to the city. The company will then sell the power the array produces back to the town at a fixed and what the company says is a “significantly discounted rate.”

“The Town of Sprague is thrilled to be moving forward on a green energy savings project at the sewer treatment plant,” said Catherine Osten, the Town’s First Selectman. “This will help in both the mission of providing renewable energy sources and by minimizing our energy cost increases.”

“Construction of the project is expected to begin in the spring of 2018 and be completed by the end of the summer,” said Greenskies Project Manager Meagan Occhiogrosso.

Based in Middletown, Greenskies is a nine-year-old company that designs, builds and maintains solar photovoltaic systems for commercial and industrial clients, municipalities and government agencies, educational institutions and utilities throughout the United States. []