Who’s Your Data?

HARTFORD: New search capabilities of the state’s business formation database have been made available through a partnership with the Connecticut Secretary of State’s office and the Connecticut Data Collaborative. Searching is more flexible than the secretary’s official CONCORD System. The new database doesn’t include all the information found on Concord, such as shareholder information but users can search by town or date, and type of formation, [ LLC, Corp., Foreign etc.], sole proprietorships are not currently in the database, in the Concord system the business name  or ID is required. 

A quick search showed more than 424,000 active and inactive business records and 824 new business formations in the city of New Haven in the past year, 38 used New Haven in their name itself. The website can be reached at



HARTFORD: The Secretary of State, Denise Merrill isn’t leading the only government effort to get more Web savvy. The state’s official website, has been redesigned with a new design and a goal to provide “more user-friendly navigation, better search functionality, and easy access to the state’s most popular services.”

Ease of use and access to information were important according to Governor Dannel P. Malloy who said. “As the development of our state’s online presence continues, we are keeping an eye toward ensuring that new features continue to be added that improve the experience for our constituents, especially for our most novice users.”

On the homepage, users will find several of the most commonly accessed state services organized by topic, such as “Business,” “Driving and Transportation,” “Education,” and “Health and Human Services,” among others. These sections contain some of the most frequently accessed state services citizens are looking for.