FAIRFIELD — Corporate bartering for health care is becoming more popular in southern Connecticut. Businesses are striking trade and barter deals with  hundreds of medical professionals such as dentists, optometrists and even chiropractors, massage therapists, medical pros in exchange for services for their employees.

One company that specializes in such barter arrangements is the Fairfield ITEX group. Company goods and services can be exchanged for trade dollars that can then be used to engage health-care providers already in the ITEX network.

Each employer determines how to involve participating employees and team members — e.g., depositing trade dollars in a worker's personal health care fund for having a perfect sick record, highest sales in the month, or exceptional customer service. Participants can then exchange those trade dollars for visits with participating medical professionals in the ITEX program. The medical participants can use the trade dollars they receive for airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, restaurants, etc.

Over two decades the Fairfield ITEX office has grown into the largest among all franchisees, with more than 1,600 members and annual volume in excess of $17 million. To learn more visit fairfield.itex.com.