WATERBURY — A Norwalk couple was awarded $58.6 million May 25, a record for a single incident of medical malpractice in Connecticut, in a case involving an obstetrician accused of waiting too long to perform a cesarean section and a boy who was permanently brain-damaged.

The jury at Superior Court in Waterbury found for Domenic and Cathy D'Attilo, whose son Daniel, now eight years old, has had severe cerebral palsy since he was born on February 2, 2003. He must be fed through a tube, uses a wheelchair, is unable to eat, talk or walk and is incontinent.

D'Attilo, her husband and son said in their lawsuit that Viscarello did not perform timely incisions to relieve the upper uterine area, delayed the cesarean section, didn't create space for an a traumatic delivery and caused a delay in the delivery that led to permanent brain damage.

The defendant's attorney, James Rosenblum of Rosenblum Newfield LLC in Stamford, said he will appeal if Judge Kevin Dubay allows the jury's decision to stand.