Hartford: Cases of Tuberculosis have decreasing in the nation and Connecticut since 1990,with the low hitting in 2013. Things have stated to change with a leveling nationally and a significant rise in Connecticut.

 According to the Connecticut Department of Public Health Connecticut saw a 17% rise between 2013 and 2015 from 60 to 70 cases of “active TB.” The cause of the rise has in Connecticut has not been determined yet,. Drug resistant bacteria are considered to be a cause outside the US and TB is a significant health issue in India, China, Mexico and the Philippines. 

Infectious disease experts say the rise of TB generally is aided by weakened immune systems and Aids/Hiv infection has helped fuel the number of TB cases around the world. Although a large portion of the infected were foreign born residents according to Connecticut health officials they are not necessarily new immigrants and may have contacted the disease in the past and are only now showing symptoms