Dr. Lorenzo Galante and Dr. Sanjay K. Aggarwal

 of New Haven, have joined Healthcare2U of Austin, Texas’ Private Physician Network (PPN) medical care, wellness and chronic disease management. The New Haven location is Healthcare2U’s first location in the Northeast, the company has 60 locations in Texas and Oklahoma.

“One of the biggest challenges in healthcare today is convenient and affordable access to quality medical care,” said Andy Bonner, president and CEO of Healthcare2U. “We look forward to working with Connecticut businesses to make sure employees can see a physician when they need one. As Healthcare2U continues to grow, we will continue to look for ways to break down old models to redefine how healthcare is delivered by improving the consumer experience while controlling costs.”

The company says it works with healthcare brokers and businesses “to provide a comprehensive suite of customized group health plans to deliver direct primary care.”

Through the New Haven clinic, Healthcare2U members will be able to access primary care, wellness coaching and chronic disease management. In addition to a network of 60 affiliated clinics, the company says Healthcare2U delivers primary care through dedicated on-site employer based clinics and employer shared clinics.