A cloud technology project that tracks a patient’s whole body statistics is being piloted at two facilities nationally, including Charlotte Hungerford Hospital in Torrington. 

BIO is a cloud-based software collects details about nutrition, wellness and medical conditions and matches the individual’s details up against “existing medical knowledge, expert opinions and diagnostics” as well as a network of physicians, dietitians, life coaches and communities. 

BIO Wellness Inc., claims its program will  “use an individual’s whole body information and the world’s ever-growing body of nutrition, medical and lifestyle information to generate recommendations that enable the delivery of low cost precision medical intervention to manage and treat chronic illness and reduce risk.” Additionally, the software “tracks and analyzes all implemented recommendations and results to provide true accountability.” 

The program’s other facility is Kalispell Regional Medical Center in Montana and together with CHH they are set to track a group of patients and their cardiovascular health to show how symptoms of cardiovascular disease can be reduced.   The pilots in each facility are set to begin in September and last approximately 6 months.