bigstock Gene Editing 97978937In a study published July 26th in the journal Nucleic Acids Research, a group of Yale University Medical School researchers have developed a system to edit specific genes in a genome, multiple genes at a time, all while minimizing risks to other systems within the genome. According to the published research, “The gene-editing “toolbox” provides a user-friendly solution that scientists can apply to research on cancer and other disciplines.”  

Previously, editing genes in a genome could damage other systems within the genome, but this new approach sought to minimize that risk, while allowing a user to edit multiple genes simultaneously.

This toolbox can be used for inducible and multiple-gene targeting,” said senior study author Qin Yan, adding “We streamlined what used to be a very complicated process, making it more efficient and much simpler to edit several genes at once — major advantages that other systems do not have.” The scientists involve believe the application can be used in many areas of biomedical research, although this particular work was supported in part with funding from the American Cancer Society Research Scholar Grant, Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program Awards, and National Institutes of Health grants.