wadleighOn August 2nd Jim Wadleigh CEO of Access Health, Connecticut’s ACA [Obamcare] health exchange. Said that concerns that the Trump Administration might withhold certain subsidy payments made to insurers on the exchange could lead both insurers to drop coverage for 2018.

The Hartford Courant reported, “right now, on a daily basis, we see a number of tweets that are coming out of Washington that talk about the potential of not making those cost-sharing reduction payments. That adds risk to an industry that is solely based on avoiding risk.”

Only ConnectiCare and Anthem still provide coverage on the exchange and both sought increases as much as 33%. Connecticut’s Insurance Department did not approve the entire increase, but did grant ConnectiCare a 17.5% increase. If the insurers do stay on the exchange estimates have been for that an additional 20% increase in premiums would be possible.

Wadleigh told the Courant approximately half of the exchange’s enrollees [49,000] receive direct subsidy for their premiums.