NEW HAVEN — Celentano Biotech, Health & Medical Magnet School this month celebrates its first anniversary as a magnet school with an unusual new theme that will help prepare students for future careers in the health science fields.

At Celentano, students explore medical careers and are exposed to a rigorous curriculum that is integrated with the school’s medical theme. The goal is to help students become critical thinkers in tune with their own well-being and ready to be active and productive members of a global society. According to administrators, the school shares a common vision that all children can learn and has worked collectively to build an environment that strives to reach the highest of standards.

As the academic year unfolds, students will be exposed to complex scientific subject matter and learn to ask provocative questions with regard to science, medicine and technology. They will also learn to think critically as they learn to access, analyze and debate the answers to these questions both individually and collectively.