SSBN XGROTON: Connecticut’s economy may be sinking, but the Navy’s submarine building and refurbishing program is floating the Electric Boat Company. EB is hoping to hire 1,500 new workers in Connecticut this year. Six hundred will replace employees leaving as they retire or relocate to other employment.

EB has a total workforce of more than 14,000 and the Navy says it will need it, as it begins to replace the Ohio-Class subs with the SSB[X] a huge Ballistic missile submarine. 

EB will build 12 SSBs at a cost of $100 billion. 

The Groton and Quonset Point, RI shipyards will see $1.5 billion in upgrades and expansion this year as the company prepares for the new building program.

Increased hiring in 2016 by EB paved the way for a $46 million contract to repair the USS Montpelier, a Los Angeles class attack submarine. The Montpelier was damaged in a collision with the USS San Jacinto Navy Aegis cruiser in October 2012 off the East Coast.

As recently as 2007 employment was looking bleak at EB as employment was down to 6,000 expected to submerge further.