SSBN XGROTON: Connecticut’s economy may be sinking, but the Navy’s submarine building and refurbishing program is floating the Electric Boat Company. EB is hoping to hire 1,500 new workers in Connecticut this year. Six hundred will replace employees leaving as they retire or relocate to other employment.

EB has a total workforce of more than 14,000 and the Navy says it will need it, as it begins to replace the Ohio-Class subs with the SSB[X] a huge Ballistic missile submarine. 

EB will build 12 SSBs at a cost of $100 billion. 

NFI DE40LFR ExcelsiorWINNIPEG: Motor Coach builder New Flyer Industries Inc., has awarded a contract for up to 485 heavy-duty 35 and 40-foot Xcelsior clean diesel and diesel electric hybrid buses for the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT).

 CT Transit kicks off with 267 Xcelsior XD40, XD35, XDE40 and XDE35 buses valued at approximately US$122 million, with an option for an aditional 218 units over the next five years. 

Xcelsior buses are more fuel efficient and will replace older buses in the fleet

CCTDOT runs more than 31 million passenger trips each year on it 570 buses. New Flyer has delivered nearly 600 heavy-duty transit buses to CTDOT since 1993.