GEARS CLEARSTORRS: The University of Connecticut, working with the United States Economic Development Administration and Connecticut Innovations is creating a center to “share computer modeling facilities and related expertise with small and medium-sized Connecticut manufacturers, to help these companies create products faster and more efficiently.”

The Connecticut Manufacturing Simulation Center [CMSC], will be funded with a $2.1 million combined investment over five years. The center is being designed to serve small and medium-sized companies with access to resources for computational design, modeling, and simulation, as well as high-performance computing hardware. The center hopes to use computer models to test and modify new product designs and manufacturing processes “virtually” before making a physical prototype, with the goal of lowering the design and manufacturing costs.

Kazem Kazerounian, dean of the UConn School of Engineering, said “the Connecticut Manufacturing Simulation Center will allow UConn to share our advanced modeling capabilities with industry throughout the state.” 

CMSC will work on a “subscription” model providing access to modeling technology for a “fraction of the cost of installing a similar high-performance computing system.” The CMSC will be housed within UConn’s new Tech Park, with the first building scheduled for completion next year.

SSBN XGROTON: Connecticut’s economy may be sinking, but the Navy’s submarine building and refurbishing program is floating the Electric Boat Company. EB is hoping to hire 1,500 new workers in Connecticut this year. Six hundred will replace employees leaving as they retire or relocate to other employment.

EB has a total workforce of more than 14,000 and the Navy says it will need it, as it begins to replace the Ohio-Class subs with the SSB[X] a huge Ballistic missile submarine. 

EB will build 12 SSBs at a cost of $100 billion.