Boutique Agency Snags Global Brand

Enslein: "Out of box thinking."

Stamford: Sublime Communications has been named the marketing and advertising Agency of Record for Eureka®, the Floorcare brand,w hcih says it is “the world’s leading home cleaning appliance manufacturer”

Nicole Enslein, the CEO and Founder of Sublime, said, “we have big plans for Eureka and we've already started to implement multiple elements of an integrated marketing program that will bring well-deserved attention and awareness to this classic brand." Enslein added. "I knew our concepts would have the immediate impact needed. We started by launching a new microsite for the FloorRover."

The agency has a location in Stamford at 20 Acosta Street and in Philadelphia, PA.

Sublime said, they ”battled some of the top US agencies to secure the Eureka business.” Adding it was chosen “due to its fully integrated approach, the depth of its digital expertise and out-of-the-box creative thinking.”

“In the short time that we have partnered with Sublime Communications, the entire team has been all hands-on deck with us, said Ian Faulkner, Eureka Brand Manager. “They have taken a passionate approach to everything we want and need to do for the brand and have been a fantastic extension of our team.”