Second Wind Media Ltd. To Lauch Connecticut Marketing Newsletter and Webzine: MAS

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Publishing Company’s Move Into Digital Publishing to Include Targeted Content
Business New Haven and New Haven magazine publisher Second Wind Media Ltd., is launching MAS: a Connecticut wide, Marketing, Advertising and Sales content channel. According to Editor and Publisher Mitchell Young, the digital effort will include an email newsletter, a webzine and social media.

Young explained the "why" of the new effort, “we see a lot of material and news from companies and the content quality of the work and the professionals in the Connecticut media industry is really exciting. Frankly, I believe the work output, the people and the business stories behind them, makes for really good copy, and we believe that will interest business people looking for "more.”

The intersection of technology and marketing was a factor as well, adds Young. “Keeping up with the techniques, technology and even plain lingo is increasingly difficult especially for business people running everyday businesses. MAS will be fun and accessible and bring Connecticut’s creators to the forefront and that will be exciting and informative.”

The first newsletters will launch in January and the Webzine which will be hosted on a relaunched website will be published later in the quarter. A link on to a mas page will hold the content until the launch of the webzine. Marketing news and releases should go to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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