Hartford Courant Announces Death For New Haven Living

newhavenlivingHARTFORD: The Hartford Courant announced it is ceasing publication of its New Haven Living magazine and its New Haven-focused edition of CTNOW, at the end of 2016.

According to New Haven magazine publisher Mitchell Young on launching by the Courant, several accounts were told by Courant representatives “New Haven magazine would be out of business in ninety days.”

An attorney for Second Wind Media Ltd. Publisher of New Haven magazine challenged the Courant’s use of the New Haven namesake, making the publishing giant {Tribune] aware of its ownership of a certified trademark in Connecticut for “New Haven” as a news and lifestyle publication.  

Young publisher of New Haven magazine explained, “we couldn’t afford a legal battle with a then nine billion dollar company. Their lawyer basically said go .... yourself.”

It was the media giant that would start struggling however, and Tribune’s print publications were spun off into a new company to escape their losses. That strategy appears now to be failing as well and a planned sale to Gannet was nixed just last month when banks reportedly would not
finance the purchase of Tribune’s assets.”

Young reacted to the closing, “there was never any doubt that the Courant wouldn’t stay the course in New Haven. Big companies simply can’t do small things and local media may be important to some, but it is small scale today. Support they did get, including from Yale, Gateway, Market New Haven, Albertus and McDermott Lexus in the market was never going to be enough for a big company like them.”  Young added, “there were no winners however, all they and their supporters accompolished was seriously undermining us and other local media in New Haven, at least some folks got some shiny but questionable ‘best of’ awards they can hang on to.”

The Courant has published the magazine for three years, and folded the New Haven Advocate which had published in New Haven since 1975 shortly after launching Living.’ 

With the closure of the Advocate the Courant launched CTNow’s New Haven edition to pick up the entertainment advertising from the Advocate, that too is ending. The January edition of New Haven Living will be the last for the publication. The New Haven edition of CTnow ceases in December.

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