Connecticut Firm Sues Pepsi Over “Stolen” Idea

Janelle Monae Pepsi 1

Connecticut company laying claim to creative ideas behind one of this year’s top Suprebowl Ads. Now they want to be paid for it.

NORWALK: Betty, Inc. is suing Pepsi over the 2016 Super Bowl ad, claiming the soft drink company’s commercial is based off of drawings and a presentation the firm made to the company prior to the spot airing this year. 

According to the advertising firm, Pepsi excutives listened to its pitch in November of 2015 for an ad titled “All Kinds/Living Jukebox” featuring a character moving from room to room with a change in music style for each scene change. The Super Bowl Ad in question featured actress and singer Janelle Monae moving from room to room with a changing music style, personal appearance and scenery in each transition. Betty, Inc. says it wants to be paid for its idea, which the company rejected in December of 2015.  The lawsuit was filed in Manhattan federal court this month. PepsiCo is based in Purchase, NY and says it plans to vigorously defend itself.