Let’s Get Pizza

sallysIt was no surprise that Sally’s Apizza would make it to a national list of the best pizza in the US. Thrillist.com has published for four years an extensive list of pizza offerings around the country.

The editors note that they have previously included long time New Haven and national favorite and Sally’s rival Frank Pepe’s Pizza.  The reason given is that Pepe’s expansion to multiple locations has effected the consistency of the product – perhaps more likely the uniqueness.

Many best pizza lists have also included, Modern Pizza in New Haven, Zuppardis In West Haven., which celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2014.

On the Thrillist this year came Camille’s Wood Fired Pizza, in Tolland, population 15,000. Tolland is in driving but not Pizza delivery distance of UCONN. The website liked the Spicy Roni, [pepperoni, red onion and peppers], and the Billy Bianco, a white pie created by chef and proprietor Dave Noad who did do an employment stint at Pepe’s.