Hartford Is Getting Professional Football – Well Soccer Anyway

soccerHARTFORD: Two local entrepreneurs are trying to buck the odds to bring a National Premier Soccer League expansion team that will compete in the Northeast region’s Atlantic Conference.

The league has agreed, but now Aaron Sarwar and Hami Kara have to find a home for the team to play. Kara was a goalkeeper and captain of the University of Pittsburgh soccer team and now an underwriter for The Hartford. Sarwar is an Air National Guard Airman based out of Bradley, an entrepreneur with a Subway franchise in Putnam, owner of the Shish Keba House of Afghanistan Restaurant in West Harford, and a partner in Bareskin Laser also in West Hartford.

The pair purchased the rights to a previous soccer entity in Hartford the FC. The FC effort failed after the ownership group, Black Diamond Consulting Group was unable to sign a lease with the City of Hartford to play either in the XL Center or Dillon Stadium amid allegations of financial shenanigans by them. The City was planning on demolishing the existing Dillon Stadium and replacing it with a $12 million, 15,000 seat soccer stadium.