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Amazon’s $255 Million Plant and Nearly 2000 New Jobs

One of America’s premier companies announces a $255 million dollar investment and nearly 2000 new jobs and it doesn’t even make it to the top of the New Haven Register or Hartford Courant "news app" story list.

On NPR one commentator disparaged the “type of jobs” in their full two-minute conversation on the event.

So let’s set the record straight.

These are fantastic jobs, and they are in fact the jobs Connecticut and greater New Haven really needs right now.  Solid blue collar jobs, strong tough management, health benefits, overtime, part-time opportunities. These are the jobs that build stability in working families and they are in very short supply in greater New Haven.

During the worst of the most recent recession, folks with PhDs, and Masters and even college graduates still had very low unemployment, blue collar employment was devastated.

Amazon is a GAMECHANGER for families and the $255 million investment will be a nice boost for the construction industry as well.  Once in full swing, man small businesses near the plant will se the positive impact as well.  BIG DEAL, PRIME.