pogoIn 1971 on the second “Earth Day” a cartoon character and his creator looked out across a morass of garbage and pollution in his own back yard and uttered the words that have informed the environmental movement for the next forty- five years.

Walt Kelly’s Pogo and his band of cartoon characters lived in the Okefenokee Swamp and on the pages of hundreds of newspapers and the daily life of millions.  Kelly was among the first to teach America about diversity and the swamp was an apt metaphor to do it.

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Festival 21 Impact Jumps 23%

The International Festival of Arts & Ideas announced the results of a highly successful Festival 21, which ran June 10–25 and generated an economic impact of more than $15.4 million according to an Economic Impact Study conducted by Quinnipiac University. This impact figure is an increase of 23% over the same study of last year’s Festival, which reported the same total attendance of over 100,000.