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Relocation of Aetna Executives.

The trend in corporate America to move headquarters from relatively quiet “suburban campuses” to more dynamic cities has hit Connecticut’s ego pretty hard.

 GE and soon Aetna’s headquarters’ relocations have amped up the narrative for Connecticut and played into the “bad for business” image.

Forbes Magazine used the GE relocation to whip Connecticut, over its many anti-business, and bad business environment policies. While there are many bad for business qualities in Connecticut, from labor regs, to energy costs, to bad attitudes towards business, none of those  are at play for GE  or Aetna, the corporate trend is well documented and understood, here is the NYT reporting on it last year.

alexionnBy Mitchell Young

Former Democratic Governor Ella Grasso famously made a home cooked meal for Miles Laboratories, [Bayer Pharmaceuticals] executives to woo them to West Haven.

Times and the people of Connecticut have changed.

Bayer would eventually leave, and a $60 million incentive package proposal by the RelAdministration was not enough to change their consolidation plans after a merger.