It hard to overstate how completely unacceptable this press release is from Connecticut Democratic Party Chairman, Nick Balletto.


"CT Dems' statement on Big Y's decision to move from Cassetti's Ansonia to Dugatto's Derby

Hartford, CT. - Connecticut Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto released the following statement on Big Y's decision to move from GOP Mayor David Cassetti's Ansonia to Democratic Mayor Anita Dugatto's Derby.


“This is good news for Derby. Thanks to Mayor Dugatto’s leadership, the city is making real economic progress. Rich Dziekan’s main promise to the residents of Derby has been that he would find a tenant for the former Walmart location. That has now been done — by Democrats.”"

Frankly we were shocked to read it.


Is New Haven remaking its “model cities” 1960s vision or is it the Next Wave “Greatest Small City in America,” that is the question.

New painted bikeway paths, good. Attacking UBER, bad.

Start-up culture”, good.  Supporting a gambling hall down the road, bad.

Life can be quite good, in the Elm City, if you’re a New York based developer, student, single, don’t have kids, and most especially NOT if you are homeowner or worse yet - a small investor improving your property, trying to find tenants.

New Haven appears to be booming, people crowd downtown, restaurants are hopping, even small retailers are doing some business. Yale’s property division, celebrates retail announcements and openings nearly weekly.