Windsor: Eastern Union Funding arranged $57.9 million financing in multifamily real estate transactions on behalf of two of its New York-based clients.

Senior managing directors Nate Hyman and David Metzger arranged three loans with Customers Bank totaling $35.9 million to refinance Williamsburg Apartments [250 Bloomfield Avenue, Windsor], Northwood Square Apartments [215 Lowrey Place, Newington], and Manor House Apartments (14-2 Revere Drive, Bloomfield).


Earlier, senior managing director Motti Blau and senior underwriter Uri Shoshana arranged more than $22 million in acquisition financing with Bankwell and Investors Bank for the purchase of 423 multifamily units across 10 properties, which included 239 fractured condo units in two East Hartford communities, as well as 90 additional apartments in Hartford, 60 apartments in Newington, and 34 apartments in New Britain.

The company says it “closes over $3 billion in deals annually, specializing in sophisticated debt and equity solutions for small and mid-sized loans across all property types.”