fairfield u professor grant almanacAssistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Fairfield University, Sriharsha Srinivas Sundarram is the recipient of a grant from The Earl E. and Hildagunda A. Brinkman Private Charitable Foundation. This grant will allow Sundarram to continue his innovative work with his fellow Fairfield students.

Sundarram’s current research involves the attempt at creation of an artificial human tissue that would be sufficiently analogous to human flesh, making it useful for pharmaceutical testing. 

The School of Engineering at the university has been supported by The Brinkman Foundation many times in the past. In August 2016, the foundation donated $78,000— $70,000 to support the School of Engineering and $8,000 for Shannon Harding, a PhD candidate in the College of Arts and Sciences for her research.

Sundarram’s continuous incorporation of students into his work, pioneering research and his efforts to foster relationships with different regional manufacturers were the many reasons for the $18,000 research grant.

In his research involving students, Sundarram also works with undergraduate and graduate students to focus on making nickel foams to create tiny and efficient batteries in addition to his work on the artificial human tissue.