Screen shot 2017 02 23 at 1.11.55 PMNEW HAVEN: The Tech Website RIGHTCLICK.COM - is ranking New Haven the No.1 City In America for a Tech Start-Up. Right Click is a publication of Verizonfios, the telcom company's Internet and cable TV style service. The Fios service is not available in Connecticut.

Rightclick used a matrix of factors behind their ranking with a heavy emphasis on Internet access speed and usage.  The factors are Internet Usage, Top Speeds Rank, Competitive Salaries, Cost of Living and Population. Other regions sited, Orlando, Fl, Santa Barbara, CA, Baton Rouge, [see chart]



"No, this isn’t a real estate scheme. There’s a lot more to launching a startup than picking out office space. But location is certainly something to think about if your plans are bigger than your parents’ basement. That’s why we went searching for the best U.S. cities to launch a startup."


From its thriving downtown to its idyllic coastline, New Haven has a lot to offer. With Yale University just minutes from center city, New Haven is ripe with the next generation of problem solvers and creative thinkers. A laundry list of startups have seen success on the Long Island sound, from Continuity Control, an online compliance management company to C8 Sciences, a cognitive skill development program. Who’s to say your name won’t be next?


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