Business Technology Internet 172328840ROCKY HILL: The fourth quarter of 2016 brought a great stash of new cash to 31 companies across Connecticut and beyond, from Ridgefield to Tolland.

Connecticut Innovations Inc., [CII] the quasi public venture capital fund, placed 12.2 million on Connecticut’s tech table.

The companies were as diverse as Kleo Pharmaceuticals [previous coverage] , a New Haven based bioscience company developing the research from David Spiegel’s lab at of Yale University. The company is developing what the company says is an entirely new class of immunotherapy drugs by “developing small molecules that emulate biologics.”

Then there is Dream Payments that was the first place winner of CT Innovations Venture Clash, [applications for 2017 are open] the Toronto based fintech company will be establishing itself in Connecticut as part of the funding. Dream Payments provides a cloud-based mobile payment platform for merchants and financial institutions,

CII said in an annoucement “the investments leveraged an additional $58.4 million in capital to further support the growth of these companies.” Of the $12.2 million, CI invested $6.6 million in bioscience and $5.6 million in information technology.

 “We were pleased to be able to fuel the growth of more than 30 companies in bioscience and information technology throughout the quarter,” said David Wurzer, executive vice president and chief investment officer at Connecticut Innovations.”


Company Investment City Web
Allomek Therapeutics $300,000 Farmington

Avitus Orthopaedics, Inc. $250,000 Farmington

biohaven pharmaceuticals $250,005 New Haven

Carogen Corporation $1,143,654 Farmington

db Diagnostics $75,000 N/A

Dream Payments $1,000,000 CT N/A Toronto

Fitscript $150,000 New Haven

In­Box Health, Inc. $750,000 New Haven

Kleo Pharmaceuticals $1,000,000 New Haven

Mobile Sense Technologies, Inc. $500,000 Farmington

MyGene Counsel $250,000 New Haven

Patient Wisdom $150,000 New Haven

R4 Technologies, LLC $2,000,000 Ridgefield

Scientific Projects $968,993 N/A N/A
Shoreline Biome $250,000 Farmington N/A
Smpl Bio, LLC $250,000 Tolland

Soft Tissue Regeneration, Inc. $530,000 New  Haven

Summit Street Medical $75,000 N/A

Tangen $200,000 Branford

Tantalus $1,250,000 N/A

The Big Willow $75,000 Wilton

Tru Optik $200,000 Stamford

Vesselon, Inc. $75,000 Norwalk

Wellinks, Inc. $500,000 New Haven