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Fifty State Tech Reports Present Connecticut Data Compiled Comparisons With Our State Neighbors Below

The state of Connecticut and many of its companies and institutions have spent the last two decades trying to build out the technology infrastructure of companies and jobs.

A new annual study of tech employment in all fifty states presents a detailed look at employment in the state’s technology industry and within non-tech companies as well.

The report’s data is compiled and reported by CompTIA, based in Downers Grove, IL. CompTia is a member based non-profit organization and bills itself as “the world's leading tech association, is a thought leader and an action leader.” Among the services of the association are standards development, communities of professionals, industry advocacy and IT certification programs.

bruce carlson

Bruce Carlson head of the Connecticut Technology Council commented on the report, saying “the Tech Sector in Connecticut continues to set the pace for job and wage growth. He added, “tech and tech-oriented companies in Connecticut added nearly 2000 jobs in 2016, and the average wage for a tech worker is about 60% higher than the average wage in Connecticut: $105,500 vs. $65,800.”

Carlson added however, that Connecticut did not do as well as states he considered peers, Maryland, Minnesota, Colorado, Oregon, and “we have more work to do.”

Among the biggest obstacles for the industry Carlson cited was Connecticut’s tech workforce. Saying, this is a national problem, but in Connecticut "we also have to compete with locations that pay even more than our companies.” Carlson added that Connecticut’s tech companies were largely smaller businesses, making the workforce challenge greater. He explained that in spite of Connecticut’s relatively large college and university population fewer than 300 Computer Science majors were graduated each year.

The reports showed more than 10,000 job posting in the state for the fourth quarter of 2016.

Carlson said, he was exploring new ways to provide at least entry level tech workers for the state, citing computer coding training companies and initiatives that are outside of the higher ed system, but are springing up around the country.

Report Highlights for Connecticut include:


Connecticut’s technology industry employment grew by an estimated 2.6 percent in 2016, as employers added 1,903 new jobs.

With an estimated 75,096 workers, Connecticut ranks 26th among the 50 states for tech industry employment.

Technology occupations across all other industries in Connecticut – the second component of the tech workforce – reached an estimated 93,000 in 2016.

The tech sector accounts for an estimated 5.3 percent ($13.5 billion) of the overall state economy.

The annualized average wage for a tech industry worker in Connecticut was an estimated $105,500 in 2016, 60 percent higher than the average state wage ($65,800). Connecticut ranks 26th nationally in average tech industry wages.

Other Key Findings:

Connecticut ranks 22nd among all states in the Cyberstates 2017 Innovation Score, which is based on an analysis of new tech patents, tech startups and new tech business establishments on a per capita basis.

The state is home to an estimated 6,471 tech business establishments.

The tech industry employs an estimated 4.5 percent of the overall state workforce.

Leading tech occupations include application software developers (9,040), computer systems analysts (7,320) and computer user support specialists (7,220).

The strongest year-over-year job growth occurred in the categories of R&D and testing labs (+ 20.3 percent) and engineering services (+ 3.1 percent).

Employers posted an estimated 10,000 job openings for tech occupations in Q4 2016.

  Connecticut Massachusetts Rhode Island New York New Jersey US
Tech Industry Workers 75,100 300,632 20,200 378,000 215,000 6,893,360
Tech Occupation Workers 93,000 234,700 23,500 391,000 213,000 7,290,000
Tech Businesses 6,471 16,094 2,496 24,326 16,114 492,550
Tech Ind % of Total Workforce 4.5% 8.8% 4.3% 4.2% 5.5% 4.4%
Q4 2016 Job Posting 10,013 23,112 1,852 33,270 21,332 626,560
Tech Wages $106,000 $131,000 $82,700 $118,000 $121,000 $109,000
General Wages $66,000 $67,000 $50,700 $67,900 $62,300 $53,100
Tech Wage Rank 11 3 28 5 4
Tech Emp Rank 26 5 41 3 11
Tech innovation Rank 22 2 29 10 5
Tech Employment Rank 20 1 23 27 10 NA
Software and Web Employment 15,090 61,296 3,555 78,042 53,916 1,328,415
Systems & Security 8,248 17,943 1,903 42,630 16,292 673,953
Computer systems & Support 7,215 18,462 1,520 40,662 13,623 603,391
Network, Admin 6,432 17,246 3,550 42,879 21,692 726,592
Database Admins 1,512 3,419 461 6,742 3,077 117,638
IT Services and Custom software 29,696 90,894 7,698 127,079 85,896 2,355,817
Tech Manufacturing 12,587 63,859 3,177 59,369 22,702 1,137,894
Telecom and Internet 11,894 na 4,572 97,139 41,075 1,307,169
Engeineering, Research and Testin 16,746 82,223 3,917 84,122 58,991 1,735,071
Economic Impact on Economy 5.3% 12.7% 5.4% 6.0% 8%% 7.5%
Economic Impact $  $14 Billion $61 Billion  $3  Billion $86 Billion $45 Billion $!.342  Billion




























































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